This is perhaps the greatest magic of the CURIO-HAUS: It gives the earthly something sublime. On 1,800 square meters, every idea gets its space, every event its face. So, let your feet follow your soul - over wide parquet floors and curved terrazzo staircases. Through bright corridors, into high halls and hidden rooms that whisper history. Rooms that cast people in their glory - there is hardly a greater appreciation of the moment. This event location is not a backdrop: It is a place of pure being.

Key facts

Ballsaal590 qm

Weisser Saal300 qm

Rothenbaum Saal300 qm

Foyer areaseach 225 qm

Conference rooms45 - 67 qm

590 qm
  • 2nd upper floor
  • 560 persons, row seating
  • 450 persons, table seating
  • For up to 1,000 people unseated
  • Gallery on the 3rd floor, 300 qm
  • First floor
  • 300 persons, row seating
  • 200 persons, table seating
  • First floor
  • 140 persons, row seating
  • 100 persons, table seating
  • separate entrance & exit
  • 30 qm terrace
  • 6 breakout rooms
  • 40-70 persons, row seating
  • 20-40 persons, parl. Seating
  • ideal for workshop situation

Room within a room. Event within an event.

Which salon would you like? West gallery? East gallery? Large? Small? The venerable Gesellschaftshaus is one large or ten smaller event locations - just as you need it. The location can accommodate up to 1,500 guests. Highlight: the ballroom on the second floor. Somewhat smaller on the ground floor: The White Hall with its surrounding gallery or the Rothenbaum Hall with terrace facing Rothenbaumchaussee. Lavish: the foyers over four floors. Why not just get lost here and see what happens?

Event Support from a single source

Our Partners

Thanks to the alliance with our competent partners, we can offer you 360° support at the highest level. It's good to know who we are working with here. Our goal: Through the close and trusting cooperation of all service providers involved, many arrangements are already made bilaterally to relieve our customers. Our customers can thus concentrate more on the essential content of the event.

satis&fy is a leading international provider of live communication and experiental marketing. satis&fy accompany companies, brands and agencies through an ever more rapidly changing communications landscape. With strategic competence, creativity, technical know-how and craftsmanship satis&fy create valuable, intensive relationships with their clients and their audience. And thus increase brand value in the long term.
satis&fy is the exclusive provider for all technical services and stand construction at the CURIO-HAUS and has successfully handled a large number of different event formats in recent years.

The Party Rent Group is a Europe-wide event supplier with 24 locations and more than 950 employees in nine countries. For more than 25 years, Party Rent has produced integral equipment concepts for events, combining this with logistics tailored to the needs of the event industry. Their claim: the perfect atmosphere.

As a culinary trailblazer and one of the leading providers of innovative catering services, Kofler & Kompanie combines experience from around the world and a flair for trends to evoke emotion at your events and on your plates. "WE CREATE INDIVIDUALITY": Food as an instrument for personality. Food as a balance of personal equilibrium in respectful responsibility with the environment. Indulgence as a special statement for joie de vivre. Taste as a realization of countless new fields to be discovered. But not only the ingredients and the good food play a big role, but also the location, the interior, the ambience and our team. We take our guest on a sensory journey and dive with you into an unforgettable story. Hence our motto: "SATISFYING ALL SENSES".

WITH HEART AND MIND Catering! Is craftsmanship, processes and logistics, followed by inspiration and creativity. This is how we have kept it since our foundation and even more since we have been working together with Tim Mälzer. Together we create unique worlds of experience for our customers. We are not interested in mere recipes or purely optical effects, but in exciting and suitable atmospheres. Our repertoire is unlimited. We organise around 400 events per year - from exclusive private dinners to large-scale events with 5,000 guests. True to the motto: „Where our feet stand, is the center of the world.“

Experienced chefs, who conjure up ever new dream menus from fresh ingredients. Pastry chefs who create true works of art. Service staff who spoil your guests with enthusiasm. The success story of our catering service is quickly told: Alexander Brückmann, a passionate chef, founded Tafelspitz around 25 years ago. Since then, Tafelspitz has been based in Hamburg as a catering service for sophisticated events and has made a name for itself throughout northern Germany for full service catering at the highest level.


History of the building

Do buildings forget what they have experienced? Or do mortar and walls forever breathe the spirit of the moment? The CURIO-HAUS was completed in 1911 as a society house and was a meeting place for artists and intellectuals in the 1920s. It became famous for the wild "Hamburg artists' parties". After the end of the war, the British occupation forces held court over Nazi and war crimes in the Curiohaus trials. In 1950, the university moved in with its refectory. The CURIO-HAUS was then extensively restored. Since then, it has once again followed its purpose - to be a collector of special moments.


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